Take the Initiative

Dare to challenge yourself and your team members to drive company and personal success.

Have Fun

Create a friendly and relaxed work culture, where people listen and have respect for each other.

Be Creative

Innovate through swift and efficient experimentation.

Always Learn

Create a rewarding work environment that is educational for all.

Be open-minded

Foster an honest and collaborative culture, where everyone is held to the same standards.

We take the initiative, challenging ourselves to drive success both as individuals and collectively as a company, innovating creatively through swift and efficient iteration. We have fun; we create fun!

Story 1

"Standing at the foot of the mountain is daunting. But with the right equipment, we can scale Everest."

As you can see from our values statement, our story, our premise at JaffaJam has alway been about taking the initiative, challenging ourselves and innovating creatively through swift and efficient iteration, where we have fun as a company and create fun for people around the world that play our games.

At the beginning of 2020, the world changed around us as COVID-19 swept the globe with working conditions and family lives changed overnight. At JaffaJam, we took a step back, contemplated what was happening, and reassessed our values in the light of the current situation. We decided that this is not time to capitalise on the situation but instead to help alleviate some of the stress families around the globe may be experiencing. We have switched our focus and resources to making games that either help relieve stress or anxiety, or assist home learning for kids whose education has been disrupted massively. We have launched the #joinourbubble campaign to help connect people with free games, not just from us but also other like-minded game makers.

For developers, that means joining us either in making games for the world we now inhabit, or offering existing titles for free, without IAP or advertising. For players and families, it means trusting that the games we promote in our bubble are completely free to play, and that over time more will be added to relieve anxiety and help educate.

Since JaffaJam’s inception in 2019, as a team, we have always focused on building efficiencies into our workflow so as to create a steady stream of new games. To help achieve this with limited resources, a modular system was conceived as a framework built within Unity to provide common functionality for all games. The experienced technical team, led by Alexis Rabadan and Freddy Weng, built an all-new pipeline for the studio that enabled prototypes to be built, tested and iterated upon rapidly. With some excitement, they also realised that the same toolset could be transformative for partnered development teams, freeing up resources to focus on their ideas, creating and tweaking the player’s gameplay experience instead of coding basic systems.

Version one of the framework, now called BubbleGum was released to the Unity Asset Store in early 2020. As part of #joinourbubble, we are now offering this free to any developers that want to join us and develop games that fit our vision in these difficult times.

“#JoinOurBubble is our answer to the question: How do we want our actions to be perceived a year from now, when the dust settles and there is time to reflect on what happened in the year 2020?”

Jon Beattie - CEO & Co-Founder

“We wish the best for you and your family in these crazy times and hope we can do our bit to make everyone’s life a bit less stressful. Happy gaming!”

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