Our vision is to perfect the way games are made by getting to know our players’ preferences on an individual basis.

We will grow our network of fans by constantly improving a complete pipeline from prototype to market for ourselves and our publishing partners.

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BubbleGum Development Kit

Our development team at JaffaJam has built a powerful toolset for the Unity platform. BubbleGum provides a modular system for integrating common and complex functionality for in-game systems such as procedural-generation, music mixers, localization, character selection, and achievements. This toolset is provided to all Publishing Partners, with an ongoing roadmap to add more. This toolset is now available on the Unity Asset Store and provided to all Publishing Partners, with an ongoing roadmap to add more.

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JaffaJam Cloud Services & Live Ops

As part of our offering to publishing partners, we have been busy creating a complete cloud service backend for live games. These services include the ability to have a JaffaJam global login, allowing partners to offer rewards and incentives to players across all JaffaJam and partner games.

The service also offers game management, inventory, leaderboards and achievements. Our Live Ops will offer analytics, A/B testing, crash reporting and more. Please sign up to find out about our service platform and our scheduled release coming in 2020.

Games Studio

JaffaJam’s internal game studio is constantly working to create fun and quirky games for our players, allowing us to develop our tools and backend services further for ourselves and our partners.

Predictive Analytics & Personalisation

For our partners, we will offer feedback based on predictive analytics, allowing us to work with you to refine your game to give each player a personalised gaming and monetization experience.

Marketing and User Acquisition

Using dedicated marketing funnels and cross promotion of games via the JaffaJam platform, we can provide additional engagement and upsell to bring greater success to your game!